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Envision Dog Park

This Pergola installation is designed for the dog park at Envision, a facility that serves visually impaired.  The pillars exhibit 3 dimensional images of seeing eye dogs and their partners.  These images are designed for touch as well as sight for all to experience.


Botanica Dragon Wall

A Dragon is a distinguished creature of the Chinese Mythology with supreme spiritual power. It is regarded as an ancient emblem representing the emperor, it's fortune, wealth, and wisdom with assurance of the well being of those who follow. These divine characteristics are brought forth with five claws of an eagle, strength of a tiger, the head of a camel, eyes of a rabbit, neck of a snake and the belly of a clam. Our dragon at Botanica is “Fut Ts’ang-Lung”, the treasure dragon with a pearl in its mouth to represent it’s guardianship of the most valued treasures buried in our earth. Residing in the waters to protect the lakes, rivers, and sea.  Our dragon follows the stream with hopes to bring rain for the crops which is most appropriate for Botanica.

becker art_121 copy 2.jpeg

Plum Tree Mural at Botanica

This mural depicts the Plum Tree in bloom.  This tree is considered a treasure to the Chinese culture.  With varied shades of rose petals, this mural adorns the pavilion wall on both sides with different colored backgrounds.  This mural brings bloom to the gardens all year with every season.


The Donor Wall at Botanica

This mural reflects the imagery of the gardens seen in Chinese scrolls.  With the use of cobalt wash names were written into the design to honor those donors for the Chinese garden.  

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