Artist and Consultant

The Potter's Wheel

Students will learn the techniques of working on the potter's wheel to "throw" pots with clay.  We will learn to make cylinders, mugs and bowls in this one week experience.  All work will be fired and picked up at a later date.

Monday thru Friday     12:30 to 1:30      $120.00


This class will give your Pre-K student a unique experience to explore the various materials in art.  We will work with paper, paint and clay.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday  9:00 to 9:45   $56.00

Tuesday & Thursday      9:00 to 9:45       $38.00

June 25 -29

  •  Classes limited to 15 students.  A 10% discount for 2 or more classes.  A 20% discount on all day enrollment (10:00 to 4:30).  Please bring a sack lunch for all day enrollment.   For questions and enrollment call 316-640-9583 or email 

ALL ABOUT the Mark

This class will address the use of materials on 2D surfaces.  Students will experience drawing with charcoal, painting on canvas dyeing fabric and marking on clay.  Each day will be a new experience.

Monday thru Friday      10:00 to 12:00         $170.00

Pottery & The History of Tea

Students will learn the skills of making tea sets out of clay.  Techniques will include working not he potter's wheel and hand building parts to complete the forms.  These will include a teapot, cups & saucers, and serving tray.

Monday thru Friday     3:00 to 4:30     $150.00

All Things Included

​This mix media class will address a variety of art materials and art forms in looking at the diversity of people and their cultures. Students will make masks, figure sculptures and artifacts while exploring an unconventional outlook in art.

Monday thru Friday         1:40 to 3:00           $150.00