Writing the Icon

This class will address the processes, meditation, and personal development to replicate a historic religious icon.  Students will be taken through the step-by-step processes of developing a biblical image on cloth covered wood panels with egg tempera materials.  You must be prepared to attend every class.  All materials and images will be provided (gold leaf must be purchased).  8 consecutive sessions.  Schedule by appointment  $320.00

Pottery on Saturday

Bring your children and/or yourself for an experience on the potter's wheel.  Students will learn the process of throwing pots on the potter's wheel and then decorate their work with multiple color glazes.  Pots can be picked up at a latter date after
​being fired.  
10:00 to 12:00.  $25.00 per student

Artist and Consultant
Explore Your Creativity

My work is an intricate development of artistic design that reflects nature.  I choose to see life in it's beauty and with perfected skill and unique application I bring forth the structure, image and dynamics of color in developing my interpretation of natural growth in my artwork.

My Classes & Summer Camps

Pottery on the wheel and off

This class is designed to give the student an experience with clay on the potter’s wheel and/or with handbuilding techniques. Students will be instructed through basic steps of making pots, glazing and more.  The more classes you take the further advanced your instruction will get.  All materials and firing of work is included.  
​Schedule by appointment.  $38.00 per class, 4 classes $140.00, 6 classes $198.00

Painting with Acrylic 

This class is designed to paint at all skill levels.  The basic beginner can experience a 2 hour session to try their hand at painting on canvas and the more advanced can elevate your skills with the brush.  Materials will be provided.
By appointment $38.00 per class, 4 classes $140.00, 6 classes $198.00.

My dedication to mastering the craft, paired with a unique vision and sensibility, shape all that I do.

A Night Out

Bring your friends, co-workers, or date to experience an artistic and fun filled 2 hours of art.  Schedule a date with the potter’s wheel or canvas and paint to share a memorable time.  BYOB if you choose, snacks, or drinks.  All materials will be provided.  Schedule by appointment.  $38.00 per person.

Birthday Parties and more

Bring your friends, family, choose a project  and experience the potter’s wheel, painting, or more... to celebrate a birthday or special occasion.   Choose a theme party and share the experience with your guests as you each develop a fun filled work of art.  Bring cake, candles, personal beverages and anything else to celebrate you.

Young Artist class

is designed for the afterschool student.  This class will address a one hour session of artistic exploration with a different project each week.  Students will use various art materials to develop a clear understanding of the numerous processes for artistic development.  We will work with clay, paint, drawing, sculpture, and more.
​ All materials will be provided.
* Class limited to 12 students
* Monday  4:30 to 5:30.  $25 per class, 4 classes $92.00, 6 classes $126.00