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My work is an intricate development of artistic design that reflects nature.  I choose to see life in it's beauty and with perfected skill and unique application I bring forth the structure, image and dynamics of color in developing my interpretation of natural growth in my artwork.

Jennie Becker Studio is most unique in that the artist co-mingles her extensive knowledge with making art and sharing these resources with students, public venues and community service. 

Artist and Consultant
About Jennie Becker Studio

Services Include:

  • Customized Porcelain pottery 

  • Public art and tile mural installation.

  • Landscape, nature, and portrait paintings

  • Consultant for public art and community service projects

  • Icon writing.


To inspire insight to the most creative images, objects and art forms through my own hands and those of my students. 


My creative influence has reached international heights through art exhibitions & Installations, teaching, and public service.  See Resume


Speaking with a universal voice of sophistication with the arts that entices a second look.


As the artist grows the artwork reflects the originality and unique expression.